Dalies for levels 83-96

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Dalies for levels 83-96

Post by Gohble on Thu Apr 07, 2016 4:04 pm

So, here's a quick guide I grabbed off the forums for lower levels just in case you aren't aware. These dailies are "hidden"...meaning that they don't pop up until you complete the prerequisite quests. These are especially helpful when doing RB1 and RB2 as the experience is pretty good!

Note: Using quest tracker helps a lot at completing these!

Delicious soup (level 83-96)

-available after completing Archosaur Mailman's questchain
-started at Untamed Warrior
-requires lvl 83-96
-Reward: 339885 XP + 67977 SP

1. Kill 15 Cougaret Master at Arms'.
2. Talk to Untamed Warrior again.
3. Gather 5 Lumbers from Wood nearby.
4. Talk to Yeh in Sirry Wine Camp to become a wannabe-dragon.
5. Gather 5 Fresh water at the shore of nearby lake.
6. Gather 1 Cinder from Fireplace at Untamed Warrior.
7. Use "Victory"-action.
8. Turn in at Untamed Warrior.

Critical Repair (level 85-96)

-available after completing quest "The Couple"
-started at Leader of Immolation
-requires lvl 85-96
-Reward: 383775 XP + 76755 SP

1. Enter Cave of Sadistic Glee
2. Gather Hex Fragment at 400 539
3. Gather Hex Fragment at 400 547
4. Gather Hex Fragment at 385 559
5. Gather Hex Fragment where quest tracker-autopath leads you to(4 possible locations)
6. Turn in at Leader of Immolation.

South Barrier Village Crisis (level 87-96)

-available after completing South Barrier Village's Tailor Yun's questchain
-started at Jewelcraftsman Ni
-requires lvl 87-96
-Reward: 245340 XP + 49068 SP + Wanted Order(another daily for 196272 XP + 39255 SP)

1. Kill Headless Knight-Captains for 10 Fine Iron Bolts.
2. Talk to Blacksmith Su.
3. Turn in at Jewelcraftsman Ni
3. Right-click Wanted Order to start second daily.
4. Check quest log for map of target location.
5. Move around that location until Roving Bandit appears.
6. Use Shackles to bind the bandit and you'll be rewarded.
Note: the Bandit disappears after about 30 secs so be quick!

Patrol the Streams (level 90-96)

-available after completing quest "The Coming Disaster"
-started at Elder of the Streams
-requires lvl 90-96
-Reward: 60000 XP + 12000 SP per mob killed (max. 7 mobs / 420000 XP + 84000 SP)

Note: This quest is timed so you have only 20 mins to finish the quest!
1. As you find yourself atop the aqueduct(or whatever), run along to 136 833.
2. Kill the mob that spawns.
3. Run to 136 835 to get teleported to next area.
4. Run to 136 839 and kill the mob that spawns.
5. Run to 136 843 to get teleported to next area.
6. Run to 132 852 and stop, then run to 132 861 and stop.
7. Run to 132 865 to get teleported to next area.
8. Run to 132 869 and kill the mob that spawns.
9. Run to 132 873 to get teleported to next area.
10. Run to 128 882 and kill 2 mobs that spawn.
11. Run to 128 890 to get teleported to next area.
12. Run to 127 883 and kill 2 mobs that spawn.
13. Turn in at the Elder of the Streams before timer expires.
Note: You need to visit every spot mentioned. Mobs won't spawn
before every spot before them has been visited.

Vengeange Troops (level 93-96)

-available after completing Ping Yuyan's questchain
-started at Frost Adventurer
-requires lvl 93-96
-Reward: 524520 XP + 104904 SP

Note: This quest is timed so you have only 15 mins to finish the quest!
1. Fly to 120 1005 and land.
2. Kill Vengeful Troops for 20 Vengeful Troops Orders.
3. Turn in at Frost Adventurer before timer expires.


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Re: Dalies for levels 83-96

Post by Spara on Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:44 pm

Thankyou Gohble sunny

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