Nuema, War Avatar Cards, How Do They Work?

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Nuema, War Avatar Cards, How Do They Work?

Post by Spara on Sun Jan 31, 2016 9:53 am

The first thing you should notice when you open your War Avatar menu is that there are 6 types; Destroyer, Battle (both increase attack power), Longevity (increases HP and Physical defence), Durability (increases HP and Magical defence), Soulprime, and Lifeprime (both increase Spirit).

A War Avatar Card will have several stats on it, some in white lettering, some in blue, and if you are lucky, further down in yellow again is Set Bonus.
The stats in white are applied to your toon while the card is equipped. The blue stats are only applied if the card is in the correct slot. Set Bonus stats apply if you equip the complete set, the equipped cards appearing in green lettering.

This is how you "feed" exp to your cards. It's done by first clicking the equipped card you wish to feed to highlight it, the mouse pointer will change from an arrow to a blue gourd, the same as when performing Astral Infusion on Star Charts. Use this changed pointer to click the cards in your War Avatar Bag that you want to feed to your target card.
Be warned, when you have fed a card to another, you can't get it back, so be careful what you click !
Some people will tell you not to feed lower cards, but it doesn't matter; the exp is not lost, you can feed a C card, then when you get a better card, feed your levelled up C card to it, and all the exp you added will go to the new card. Note: S cards cannot be devoured.

A lot of people get confused with this but it's really quite simple; partly it's pwi's fault I believe, for making the simple mistake of putting the numbers the wrong way around.
Leadership is random from 1 to 3 for any card, so you can have an S card with 1, and a C card with 3.
If you haven't used any War Avatar Catalysts your leadership will be 10. With no cards equipped it will be 0/10, because the counter shows the points used, not points available. This is why 10/10 means you can't add a card with higher leadership, because it means you used 10 out of 10 points, not that you have 10 available.
Each card you equip will need some leadership points, and if you have multiple copies of the same card it's important to only feed the one with the lowest leadership, because if and when you rebirth the card it will inherit the leadership from the fully fed card.
You can increase your leadership stat using War Avatar Catalyst, which is a cashshop item. They are 40 silver each, so expect to pay around 2 million coins each at current gold prices. You need 10 of them to get to 11 leadership, 20 more to get to 12, then 40 more to get to 13...

Rebirthing Cards
You can rebirth cards up to 2 times, much like your toon. To rebirth a card, you need to max it's exp and level, and have a duplicate card (this doesn't need any exp). Rebirthing makes the card stronger, increasing its base (white) stats. You perform the rebirth at the War Avatar Master npc, and you can't do it wrong, so don't worry about that.
For second rebirth, you need a first rebirth card with max exp (this will be rebirthed), and a duplicate first rebirth card to be consumed...

NB: When you go to the NPC to rebirth your card, it and the card you are going to consume MUST be in the first page of your bag, if it's expanded to 2 pages. For some reason the NPC can't see them if they are on the second page.

People often talk about "feeding nuema to their cards". This is erroneous, the nuema does not go to the card.
Nuema is a permanent stat increase to your toon, and like War Avatar Cards there are 6 types, providing increases to the same attributes as the same type of card. So, nuema in the Destroyer slot gives an attack power increase just like the card does.
However, the nuema is permanent, unlike the card; if you unequip the card you lose the increase, the nuema increase stays.
Now, here is why people think it goes to the card: in order for you to absorb a nuema you must have a card equipped in the slot the nuema is for.
So, if it's a Longevity Nuema, you must have a card in the Longevity slot, although it doesn't have to be a Longevity card.
Once the nuema is absorbed you can remove the card if you like, the nuema stat increase (if you levelled the nuema up) will remain.

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